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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] Wang Jianlin said the acquisition during the year of the three sports enterprises. Wanda is accelerating the layout of the sports industry. sports industry is hot, not only triggered sports stocks soared, also makes Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin gains more confidence into their sport. Recently, Wang Jianlin said that within this year, Wanda Group will become the first in the world in terms of the sports industry. Who sports industry is the first in the world is? The industry does not seem conclusive. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter access to the 2014 Annual Report of Nike, showing its annual gross revenue $ 27.79 billion (US $ 172.473 billion yuan). Is Wanda Sport is directed to this goal? This year will acquire three sports business Yesterday, the domestic A-share market rose 7.83 percent in the technology industry, the industry generally believe that by Wanda announced a major push into the sports industry stimulus. Recently, Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group revealed the following merger plan. "Within this year, Wanda M will be at least three sports enterprises. Completion of these acquisitions this year, Wanda in the sports industry is a world first. In addition, I asked M & Sports, their sports can be landed in China, At the same time these companies to master the sport property or marketing rights in the world. " Wang Jianlin, also said it would soon hav air jordan 11 space jam for sale e good news for Chinese football announced. Early in January this year, to 44.98 million euros Wanda Group to acquire a 20% stake Atletico Madrid, and enter the club's board of directors. February, and led to one billion euros to acquire 100% stake in Sports Media Group ???? party. Infront is the world's second largest sports marketing companies, sports media production and one of the world's largest broadcast company, which owns the copyright of the media daily broadcast events over 10 (including 20 world championship races) , covering 25 sports, in football and winter sports areas ranked first worldwide including 2015--2022 year's Soccer World Cup broadcast rights exclusive marketing rights. Can more than 170 billion yuan annual income? Wanda by the two companies control the upstream industry resources global sports industry. But it can help them become the world's first sports industry has not been the answer. In the world-renowned enterprises in the sports industry, Nike fiscal 2014 total revenue of $ 27.79 billion, net income of $ 2.69 billion, an increase of 9.29%. At the same time, Nike released earlier financial expectations: to 2017 fiscal year, total revenues will reach $ 36 billion. Nike Nike + advantage not only by virtue of the establishment of the world's largest online community of sports enthusiasts, but also has the ability to cut the whole category of sports: In addition to the mainstream basketball, soccer and running, cheap air jordans Nike is also involved in golf and other sports niche market . On the sharing of business risks and market diversification, Nike than other competitors to win a chip. As Wanda sports in terms of earnings can be achieved, what kind of level, it is all very much like to understand the data. China's sports industry is expected to reach 5 trillion Wang Jianlin, repeatedly stressed that the acquisition of sports company sports can be landing in China, but the scale of the enormous potential of the Chinese sports market. According to Wind data statistics, the global sports industry added value of nearly $ 900 billion in 2013, of which the added value of the US sports industry reached 450 billion US dollars, accounting for half the world, and accounts for about 2.93 percent of the annual GDP of the United States, However, this figure was only 310 billion yuan in China (about 50 billion US dollars), accounting for only 0.56 percent of GDP. Through ten years of rapid development, the US sports industry has become one of America's top ten economic pillar industries, but China is still in the primary stage of development of the market, the gap significantly. Over the past 15 - 20 years, strong growth in the global sports market, China's sports industry is ushered in strong push multiple positive inflection capital, policy, actors and so on. December 19, 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of cheap foamposites sports consumption," formally issued, noting that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote sustained economic and social development has become an important force. Xu Jiayin, Ma, etc. have invested heavily to China's sports industry, how to Wang Jianlin sports industry layout will eat more cake, a huge sports market in China based on the world's sports industry first, I believe soon there will be the answer. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)you previously had discussed status of Jordan Brand in the speculative market sinking rapidly, but in the eyes of hot hip-hop but did not fade. This time is for you to bring the famous American hip hop rapper DJ Khaled in his personal Instagram account: a Brand and Jordan by the Air Jordan III issued a special color. This color is named after the name of Grateful, although no exact selling news, but DJ Khaled pointed out that through his new album - "Grateful" will have a chance to get this free shoes. -END- Zhang Guowei Beijing time on the evening of August 11th, the world championships in London in 2017, the end of the eighth match day event morning local time for Chinese three female discus athletes Su Xinyue, Chen Yang and Feng Bin all entered the finals. The men's high jump player Wang Yu successfully jumped over 2 meters 29, with twelfth identity breathtaking fina jordans on sale mens ls. The last World Championships, men jump runner up, Zhang Guowei only skip 2 meters, 26, missed the final. women's discus throw preliminary test line is 62 meters 50, China's three players play. Feng Bin appeared in group A, her first throw was 62 meters 48, only two centimeters from the passing line. Unfortunately, the two throws didn't break, and Feng Bin was 62, 48, fourth. B group play two players play more for, Chen Yang in second throw in 62 meters 71 results, in one fell swoop to mark, successfully promoted, Su in the third throw, is given 63 meters 00 excellent performance. In the end, Su Xinyue, Chen Yang and Feng Bin entered the finals with preliminaries seventh, ninth and tenth respectively. Croatia's Per Covic ranked first in the heats of 69 meters and 67. men's high jump is 2 meters high, 31. Wang Yu's first jump passed 2 meters 17, 22 meters in 2 meters, two times in 2 meters, 26, Wang Yu jumped over! There are nearly 20 players successfully jumped at this altitude, Wang Yu will continue to challenge. In the 2 meter 29, Wang Yu for the first time before the second cleared! has 16 players, 2 meters 29, the race is not over yet. Enter 2 meters 31 height scramble for. The first jump Wang Yu did not succeed, this jump four people over 2 meters 31. The second jump, Wang Yu regret again failed, and this jump is only one person through. The third jump, Wang Yu again failed, but this jump also only one person pass. In the final rankings Retro jordans for sale , Wang Yu came in twelfth, just to the finals. Qatar's Basem, who has played at all heights today, has shown excellent form. Zhang Guowei, the runner up of the last World Championships, was in a normal state of mind today. The 2 meter 17 was the second time, and the 2 meter 22 was also the second time. At 2 meters and 26, Zhang Guowei was three times, but was eventually eliminated. women's 110 metres hurdles, qualified team player Wu Shuijiao China did not play, the world record holder, American contestant Harrison by 12 seconds 60 easily ranked first, Japan's Kimura Ayako became the only Asian players cut, but her 13 seconds ranked 15 players qualify for the most after a.How to choose the right shoes is selected according to the type of rock climbing to consider several directions before the choice of climbing shoes: itself climbing strength in where? Just contact climbing beginners and experienced climbers, or climbing the top master? often engage in climbing activities where? Indoor or outdoor? Regular contact is what kind of climbing route? hope for what kind of shoes? Long line, short route or boulder? In order to participate in the competition, or just to the usual leisure exercise? frequently used rock climbing skills? Rock angle, friction, cave skills? Crack climbing skills? Or is all terrain climbing? The details and characteristics of The design and appearance of different full function type 'All-purpos jordan 3 katrina 2018 e' can be suitable for all types of rock climbing terrain, and various foot climbing techniques. You can step on the little rock, rock surface, and the friction angle of crack climbing. Because the multifunctional design of it, allowing beginners to learn a variety of climbing skills, also can let love to try a different route to get the climber climbing fun, and with long distance, multi pitch climbing different terrain. The design is usually used to protect the high ankle ankle and provide considerable comfort! 0.jpg (115.16 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 1.jpg (67.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 2.jpg (107.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 3.jpg (114.04 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 4.jpg (92.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 5.jpg (109.13 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 6.jpg (68.27 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 7.jpg (97.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-10 upload at 16:52 8.jpg (91.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016 years on March 6, the world championships Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale in London venues ushered in the last match of the day, all the projects are all completed: woman rushed out to race, the Chinese female clock angel, Chiun red in the final victory realignment, the former defeat the gold medal; women's all-around game, "goddess" Lola & middot; Mr Trott's win over champions; men's Keirin, German Menzerna Ehlers win, take personal second gold medal; men's Madison, Wiggins + Cavendish combination in the enthusiasm of the home crowd cheering, take under the rainbow Jersey, world championships picture perfect period for. women's sprint semifinals, bell Angel beat Germany Star, Kalim tournament champion Vogel; Lin Junhong is eliminated the Australian champion Anna & middot; mills. Two China will reach the final, locked in advance of gold and silver! Final, strength and experience are the upper hand of the clock angel, the two round victory over teammate Lin Junhong, won the gold medal. What gains in their racing regret lost the gold after the bell angel in individual project success. for Lin Junhong, silver medal at the world championships as well as her career so far the highest honor, in the semi-final victory over short distance female project superstar Anna & middot mills, visible the after 90 teenager's progress. Guo Shuang, Gong Jinjie, Lin Junhong / bell angel, China's three generations together, head into Rio De Janeiro! address: woman sprint final review women's all round British site goddess Lola & middot. Tro jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black tt continued strikingly stable play, smooth gold income bursa; she in each item to enter the top three, the last champion deserved. The original integral leading U.S. champion Sarah · hammer in the 500 meters individual time lost, finally only won the bronze medal. France's Lolita · (Laurie BERTHON); Dong Bei to rose to second. women's all-around sattur integration for the goddess of the show...... men's KeirinGermany's Ehlers continue to brave state, in one kilometer time, and added a gold medal. Address: Youku man Kay Lindsay review men's Madison Madison is the current world cup finale. Madison tournament has 16 teams to participate, the rotation of each team two alternating. Competition rules and the score is close to: each 20 laps to set up a sprint, sprint laps were scored 5 points, 3 points, 2 points and 1 points. But the biggest difference between Madison and scoring race is the importance of the "ring": in the scoring race, every successful ring circle award 20 points. Madison in the game, the success of rings is not divided, but more times 〉NIKE launched the "1World" continuous fever, Tomlinson, following LaDainian Yi Jianlian joined other celebrities, NIKE and Feride and Uslu together, jointly launched a pair of Air Force 1, Feride Uslu is Colette's Uslu Airlines, the mastermind behind the makeup brand. This joint masterpiece has already spread all over the Internet, but we are now showing you the final product. In cont jordans on sale online rast to previous pictures, there are several minor differences in the final version, such as right shoes, beautiful scarves, bright pink shoelaces, and Logo placement. As the "1World" series of other products, this pair of shoes has its unique charm and unique unique. The shoes are now being sold exclusively in Paris Colette store, and your favorite friends can go shopping. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike; German female artist; Feride Uslu; limited Nike exaggeration metal limited series comments on an article on : Nike, German female artist Feride Uslu, limited to the next article: "Nike" exaggeration metal limited series winter color date sports brand Converse its branch line CONS for its popular shoes AEROJAM launched a new color. The shoe continues its iconic tall silhouette, with black suede material and brown detail, creating a winter atmosphere. Friends who like this kind of shoes don't miss it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Kan ye Mighty! 90 dollars straight white T-shirt again pit money pedestria slay with high imitation visvim Tips said. good voice in China or good fashion in China? Take a good voice, mentor, Na Ying's fashion styling, favorite sports car / chowhound to Shawn Yue's love of Hongkong roadside stalls save your boyfriend, don't take pictures to travel Raiders tide -- -- -- -- yesterday was Martin Ruud Kim (Martin Luther King) memorial day, the world buy cheap jordans online has in various ways to the famous American civil rights leader to express memories and memories. Although the Losangeles Lakers didn't hold a special ceremony, they paid tribute to Martin Ruud Kim in the name of battle shoes, with the help of NIKE. In the NBA finals last year's old rival Orlando Orlando pedestria once again the focus of the war, Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant), Shannon Brown Lakers (Shannon Brown), Rama Odom (Lamar Odom) and Derek Fisher (Derek Fisher) are articles to commemorate Martin Luther King and Nike Zoom Kobe V to create special shocking debut. To see the four kings Nike Zoom Kobe go V the "Martin Ruud Kim Anniversary Edition" (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) the Yong crown shoes style, please click the following picture, more listing and subsequent reports, be sure to lock NBA shoes war king, such as the latest news, for the first time all the wonderful show. Source: Battle shoes Wang NBA KOBE V war anniversary Lakers Martin Ruud Kim shoes show 2010 shoes: Nike Air Superfly Skimmer ND. NBA: a comment on the Martin Ruud Kim anniversary KOBE V shoes war show a 2010 power: Nike Air Superfly Skimmer's ND Edison Chen Edison Chan and Edison Chen Pan Shiheng led the popular street brand CLOT, in the holiday season this year again in its high-end sports brand Converse First extension Converse String, Chang Pao" has called "; the new joint series, this time we will bring more detail pictures of the joint series. The series draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese Robe "Robe" and uses classic 1970s Chuck Taylor All Stars as a prototype to create two color combinations: beige and dark blue. High quality suede shoes are used to form high cylinder shoes, and the details of the buttons on the robe are added to the upper part, so as to continue to carry forward the Chinese culture. In addition, the series also 〉 the beautiful Jordan Super.Fly 3 "River Walk" color inspiration from Sanantonio in 1996 all star weekend, when several famous scenic spots in the holy city of "River Walk" inspired shoes created the unique color series, and over the years, the same color also turned into a different kind of beauty. For this SF3, according to my station friends revealed that some small shops in North America have shelves, like friends should not wait too long. ; Bape every year will launch a limited commodity city shop or a limited color, this year is certainly no exception. This paper introduced the latest launch of the first of the 1st Camo classic Camo single product, three city Shibuya, Harajuku castle, launched a total of green, black and white classic camouflage hat clip & with Bapesta; color, classic color should be many Bape Mania's favorite. In addition Bape is located in Shinjuku ISETAN design store in addition to before the exposure limit short tee, there is another two launch! Favorite friends don't miss. If the summer high temperature is not enough to make you feel passionate, you may wish to look at the Puma for shoes fans gift. This new Puma's popular Suede Classic+ Ice for the design of shoes to choose very eye-catching flame red color, and the texture class for vamp and the shoe suede materials on the iconic Puma Logo by a golden show. puma-suede-classic-ice-red-scarlet-1.jpg (64.72 KB, download times: 12) download attachment PUMA, Suede, Classic+, Ice, Red, Scarlet 2014-7-28 20:23 upload , PUMA, Suede, Classic, Ice, Red, Scarlet 00 new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-1.jpg (85.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment New, Balance, Made, in, the, USA, Author, s series, 2014-9-3 upload at 23:52 new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-2.jpg (139.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment New, Balance, Made, in, the, USA, Author, s series, 2014-9-3 upload at 23:52 new-balance-made-in-usa-authors-pack-3.jpg (75.54 KB, download times: 0) NIKE SB special project Support Your Local, the latest wave of work aimed at professional slider Grant Taylor Atlanta home skateboarding shop tribute. In the name of Stratosphere Blazer Low GT on the classic profile, the Red Suede constitute the main body and were injected into the black and brown leather and suede Swoosh manufacturing compared to the heel and tongue lining, to shop around the map printing as details, and equipped with a clean white color in the bottom and. The shoes will be available on January 23rd, priced at $$85. nike-sb-blazer-low-gt-stratosphere-1.jpg (82.36 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Nike SB Blazer Low GT brand new color 2015-1-22 upload Nike 00 at 17:05Although the red color to the Air-Jordan-10-Red-Cement-Preview-1.jpg (56.66 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 2014-6-9 upload at 15:33 Air-Jordan-10-Red-Cement-Preview-3.jpg (122.14 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 2014-6-9 upload at 15:33 Air-Jordan-10-Red-Cement-Preview-4.jpg (106.45 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 2014-6-9 upload at 15:33 Air-Jordan-10-Red-Cement-Preview-2.jpg (51.9 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 〉Adidas recently prepared for their Adidas Nations global youth tournament launched a series of equipment of the same name, now available from the information point of view, this series contains DRose 773 III and Crazy 2 and Crazy Light Boost three shoes, and a similar pattern of 24 short sleeved shirt. We believe that there will be other information and we will continue to pay attention to it. FILA this brand everyone must know, but not necessarily will have, but this pair of Product X FILA even brand shoes, you can make a change in FILA, in the high position of red and green shoes ring, like GUCCI color, and shoes except suede outside there are crocodile skin, the overall texture greatly improved, and the FILA million years of classic Logo, gilt way to now.

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